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Our Story

Home Care Worker cares for elderly woman It was 1986 when Accountable Home Care Founder,  Buddy Maver, experienced first-hand the challenge involved in   caring for an aging parent while managing his own family and professional life. His mother Margaret, was slowly losing   her vision and suffering from debilitating asthma. It was obvious that she could no longer perform all of the daily   activities necessary to function alone in her home. It was then that Buddy discovered that finding quality in-home care   was a daunting task. After going through many caregivers who showed up late, sometimes not at all, or who simply   lacked the skill to provide appropriate care, Buddy recognized a need for a company that could provide experienced,   reliable and caring home health aides. It was then that, Accountable Home Care was born. Now 33 years later,   Accountable Home Care is still family owned and operated, with 2 locations proudly serving Cleveland and Columbus,   Ohio.